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Catch Sun Club at SXSW and on Headlining Tour!

“Sonic debauchery, as intoxicating as it is lawless.” – Stereogum


Weds 3/16 – New Shapes Party @ Barracuda at 12:00 pm

Thurs 3/17 – ATO Official Showcase @ Blackheart (86 Rainey St) at 12:00AM

Fri 3/18 – The Yard @ 902 E Cesar Chavez at 7:30PM

Sat 3/19 – Do512’s The Big One @ Barracuda (611 E. 7th St.) at 12:30PM

Sat 3/19 – Floodfest @ Cedar Street Courtyard (208 W 4th St) at 3:00 PM

Apr-20 – Pittsburgh, PA – Cattivo

Apr-21 – Cleveland, OH – Now That’s Class

Apr-22 – Columbus OH – Rhumba Cafe

Apr-23 – Detroit, MI – UFO Factory

Apr-25 – Chicago, IL – Schubas

Apr-26 – Madison, WI – The Frequency

Apr-27 – Minneapolis, MN – 7th St Entry

Apr-28 – Milwaukee, WI – Cactus Club

Apr-29 – Indianapolis, IN – Joyful Noise

May 1 – Cincinnati, OH – MOTR

20.01.2016 news

Patty Griffin’s ‘1000 Kisses’ Available on Vinyl for First Time Ever – Out 4/15

On April 15th, ATO will release Patty Griffin’s monumental 2002 album 1000 Kisses on vinyl for the first time. Newly remastered, it includes a 16 page 7.5” lyric booklet and digital download. 

Order the album at the ATO Store

Griffin’s official 3rd album, Silver Bells, was held hostage in a typical post 90’s major label vice of mergers, layoffs, and uncertainty about what to do with an actual artist. With the album on the shelf indefinitely (it eventually saw the light in 2013), Griffin was free to follow her instincts creatively. Around the same time, her guitarist Doug Lancio was building an informal home studio in his Nashville basement and suggested she come by to do some recording for fun. Griffin says: “I had all these songs that got passed over for other records because they weren’t obvious pop songs… so I said to Doug, ‘Why don’t we co-produce my next record?’”. 1000 Kisses was recorded over 5 days. It was the first of 4 albums for ATO and went on to be nominated for a Grammy award.

20.01.2016 news
LES N SEAN 1400x400

The Claypool Lennon Delirium debut “Cricket and the Genie”

If you were watching the Bonnaroo lineup announcement on Conan last night, you may have been confused and asked yourself, “What is The Claypool Lennon Delirium?”   This morning Rolling Stone answered that question and debuted the duo’s first single “Cricket and the Genie” from their new album coming this year.


“Sean and I hit it off during our Primus, Dinosaur Jr., GOASTT summer tour. We had a few backstage, acoustic jamborees that I found interesting but when he sat in with us and melted our faces with his guitar during Southbound Pachyderm, I realized that this fella had some chops. Primus was about to take some time off and I was gearing up a new project so I asked Sean if he’d like to come to Rancho Relaxo and see if we couldn’t get some interesting sounds on tape. Next thing I know he’s staying in my guesthouse over the holidays and we’re drinking vino, hunting mushrooms and throwing musical pasta at the walls.


One thing I think folks will be surprised by is what a monster of a guitar player Sean is. Not only does he have technical ability, but also the sounds that come out of his rig tend to be pretty bent and compelling. His DNA definitely shines through, though it isn’t just his father’s musical sensibilities that he reflects but also his mother’s abstract perspective, which to me, makes for a glorious freak stew.


Basically it was like two guys being stuck in a tree fort full of instruments and vintage recording gear, trying to keep up with each other’s musical and lyrical output. It was a very easy and natural record to make and not only have Sean and I become very good friends but he has been embraced by my family like an eccentric, surrogate uncle; sitting at the dinner table nightly debating with my daughter about everything from pop culture to politics. He’s a good egg. I look forward to traveling around in a shiny box with him this summer, playing this music for the folks.


I have to say…It’s pretty cool being in a band with Neil Diamond’s nephew.”


Les Claypool

19.01.2016 news

Watch Brandi Carlile on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

2016 is off to an explosive start for Brandi Carlile – with her first ever GRAMMY nomination (for Best Americana Album) and a stunning performance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Watch her performance of “The Things I Regret below, and check out her new tour dates HERE.


08.12.2015 news

Watch Margaret Glaspy’s New Session Videos!

Watch Margaret Glaspy’s new session videos for “You and I” and “Somebody to Anybody,” shot at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn:

07.12.2015 news

Congrats Alabama Shakes + Brandi Carlile on GRAMMY Nominations!

CONGRATULATIONS to Alabama Shakes and Brandi Carlile, who were nominated for awards at this year’s GRAMMYs. Producer Blake Mills also earned a nod for his work on Sound & Color. See the full list of nominations below.


Alabama Shakes – Sound & Color

– Album of the Year

– Best Alternative Music Album

– Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical

– Producer of the Year, Non-Classical (Blake Mills)

Alabama ShakesDon’t Wanna Fight

– Best Rock Performance

– Best Rock Song

Brandi CarlileThe Firewatcher’s Daughter

– Best Americana Album


Get Alabama Shakes’ Sound & ColorATO Store | iTunes | Amazon

Get Brandi Carlile’s The Firewatcher’s Daughter: Official Store | iTunes | Amazon


02.12.2015 news

Watch Alabama Shakes’ new iPad spot featuring “Sound & Color”

Apple premiered their new iPad with a commercial featuring Alabama Shakes‘ “Sound & Color”, the title track off of their latest album. The commercial reminds us a lot of the band’s music video for the track, directed by James Frost! Watch both videos below, and grab “Sound & Color” for yourself:

Get Sound & Color:

ATO Store | iTunes | Amazon | Local Record Store (CD / Black Vinyl / Clear Vinyl)


01.12.2015 news

ATO Holiday Deals Week, Save 15% + Free Shipping

Shop ATO’s online store all week long for 15% off and Free Shipping on orders over $75.  We’ve got the hottest fanny packs, vinyl, tees, flasks, tees, cassettes, whiskey glasses, and more for your holiday needs *Discount taken at the register. 



30.11.2015 news

Watch Brandi Carlile’s Pin Drop Tour Documentary!

You can now watch all three chapters of Brandi Carlile‘s Pin Drop Tour documentary, which follows Brandi and her longtime collaborators Tim and Phil Hanseroth on-stage and behind the scenes of their intimate Pin Drop Tour. The tour had the band performing unplugged, with no amps or microphones, in historic small theaters across the country. Read Billboard’s interview with Brandi about the tour HERE, and watch the full documentary below!




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