The Traveler

Rhett Miller

  1. Wanderlust
  2. Jules
  3. Most in the Summertime
  4. My Little Disaster
  5. Fair Enough
  6. Kiss Me On The Fire Escape
  7. Lucky Star
  8. Escape Velocity
  9. Dreams vs. Waking Life
  10. Wicked Things
  11. Good Night
  12. Reasons To Live
Album Notes

The Traveler follows a long line of similarly named titles such as The Instigator, The Believer, The Interpreter and The Dreamer, all of which combine to accurately describe Rhett Miller’s solo approach. This time he enlists Portland six-piece multi-instrumentalists Black Prairie (an offshoot of sorts of the Decemberists) for a spirited, driving folk-pop offering that yields another impressive notch on his ever-expanding career belt.


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