The Misfit

Rhett Miller


Side A
1. Heart Attack Days
2. Follow You Home
3. Go Through You
4. Already There
5. Just When It Gets Good

Side B
1. Beautiful Life
2. Fascination
3. The White Tops
4. Let Me Go There With You
5. Twelve Thirty Four
6. You’ll Be Glad

Album Notes

The latest full-length from Rhett Miller, ‘The Misfit’, exists in an enchanted dimension all its own. With its elegant blurring of psychedelia, dream-pop and electronic-leaning indie-rock, the Texas-bred singer-songwriter’s ninth solo effort emerged from a charmed collaboration with his Hudson Valley neighbor Sam Cohen. While the album often wanders into decidedly cosmic terrain, Miller grounds each track with the vulnerable songwriting and unaffected vocal presence he’s brought to the Old 97’s for the last three decades.


Rhett Miller

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