Altin Gün


1. Bahçada Yesil Çinar
2. Ordunun Dereleri
3. Bulunur Mu
4. Hey Nari
5. Yüce Dag Basinda
6. Kesik Çayir
7. Arda Boylari
8. Kara Toprak
9. Sevda Olmasaydi
10. Maçka Yollari
11. Yekte
12. Esmerim Güzelim

Album Notes

Amsterdam’s Altin Gün release their new album Yol, written in quarantine, with the band members swapping demos over email. For the first time, the band also worked with an outside collaborator, bringing in the acclaimed electronic producers Asa Moto to mix the record. The result is a collection of sublime Europop tracks that Bandcamp hailed as “the group’s most vivacious record to date.” Singer Merve Dasdemir takes up the story: “We were basically stuck at home for three months making home demos, with everybody adding their parts. The transnational feeling maybe comes from that process of swapping demos over the internet, some of the music we did in the studio, but lockdown meant we had to follow a different approach.”

Yol displays a noticeable dreaminess, maybe born from this enforced time to reflect.


Altin Gün