Oct 19 17

Listen to New King Gizzard song “Crumbling Castle”

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard has released a new song “Crumbling Castle” – listen to it above. The band shared the track with a cryptic message:

In the presence of a mirror, my sensory foax-organs detect discontent on my facial image. I cry a digital tear. Motor fluid. Escaping to the floor, it reflects my silhouette. Frigid, slouched, callous. My smell escapes me. A rancid odour. I am everywhere. I am light. I am a reflection. I am that which I am. And I am violent. And I want it to end. Stillness from the grinding gears. I am a raging droid, with a full tank of propellant. Flick the switch. Turn them off. Standby. Cut the cord. Death is a lamb in a wolf’s clothes. A blessing from the lord satan. I am on the altar. I want it. The saccharine of eternal rest. I wish to consume it’s sickly syrup, and lick it from my many fingers. Take me into the moonless night. I need it. Any way I pass will do.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard has announced a plan to release five albums in 2017. Their first three, Flying Microtonal BananaMurder of the Universe, and Sketches of Brunswick East are out now and the band has done two sold-out headlining tours in the US this year. Pick up the albums now at the ATO store and follow the band for updates: