The Dongo Durango

Sun Club

  1. Glob
  2. Summer Feet
  3. Worm City
  4. Carnival Dough
  5. Beauty Meat
  6. Language Juice
  7. The Dongo Durango
  8. Cheeba Swiftkick
  9. Puppy Gumgum
  10. Dress Like Mothers
  11. Tropicoller Lease
Album Notes

Sun Club’s debut album, The Dongo Durango, finds the band joyously deconstructing the traditional pop song then rebuilding it with off-kilter time signatures, gleefully unhinged vocals, and sunny hooks that sink deep into your already fevered brain.

DIY Magazine applauds the record, saying, “Forceful and blustering, scorching and euphoric, Sun Club’s debut album is a tropical storm committed to disk. The band’s uniquely engaging energy has already seen them captivate and command crowds around America and beyond, and now at last the Baltimore five-piece have condensed their whirlwind capabilities into a debut album – and it’s primed to leave listeners reeling.”


Sun Club