No One Is Lost


  1. From the Night
  2. This is the Last Time
  3. You Keep Coming Up
  4. Turn It Up
  5. No Better Place
  6. What is to be Done?
  7. Trap Door
  8. Are You OK?
  9. The Stranger
  10. Look Away
  11. No One Is Lost
Album Notes

STARS recorded No One Is Lost at Montreal’s Mile End Studios, the former home of Handsome Furs (and the site of Arcade Fire’s first rehearsals). Mile End became a home away from home. Creeping into the sound of the new record was the music from the now-defunct discotheque Royal Phoenix located downstairs. The result is STARS’ most dance-floor-ready album to date. Drummer Pat McGee explains, “The sub-bass throb coming from the club below our studio was undeniably and unavoidably influential. It motivated us to out-throb the throb.”



The North