Fly Golden Eagle

  1. Can’t Leave You Alone
  2. You Look Good to Me
  3. Horse’s Mouth
  4. Stepping Stone
  5. White Lighter
  6. Monolith
  7. Lotus Island
  8. Magic Steven
  9. Song for Aphrodite
  10. Ronnie
  11. Westminser College
  12. Tangible Intangible


  1. Machine Burger
  2. Medicine Hat
  3. Boychild Ghost
  4. Tehuacana
  5. Superior Circle
  6. Couched in Twos
  7. Death Myth
  8. Double Vision
  9. Sugar On My Tongue
  10. Walkin on the Line
  11. The Slider
  12. Es Muss Sein
  13. __________
Album Notes

When you lower the needle down onto a Fly Golden Eagle record, you’ll hear a few different things at once. You’ll hear the stomp-heavy drama of T. Rex. You’ll hear the swirling colors and textures of The Doors. You’ll even here a growl of punk rock mixed effortlessly with the choral echoes of the gospel church. And it is all of these – the psych-rock-glam-funk-gospel sounds – that unify to fully form this Nashville quartet and their LP, Quartz.