Poetry In Motion


  1. Moving Stones
  2. I Can’t Stop Dreaming
  3. Tried My Best
  4. More
  5. Fire In The Sky
  6. Everything To Me
  7. Life Support
  8. Bad News
  9. To Whom It May Concern
  10. Sing To Me
  11. I Found You
Album Notes

SOJA’s core sound – an uplifting meld of reggae, go-go, D.C. hardcore, Latin, rock, and hip-hop – is as tight and compelling as it’s ever been in the group’s 20 year history, but now the group digs deeper on its message of finding peace and understanding in the world caught in tribulation. For the band, having fun and social awareness can, and should, co-exist. “More” is a Bob Marley-influenced manifesto to fight greed by being content with what you got and “Bad News” looks for hope in tragic headlines.

Hemphill continues, “Poetry in Motion is about us, the human race. We’re beautiful. We’re the caretakers of this earth and everything that lives here, calls it home. But something is wrong. Something in us is lost. That’s the focus – how to get back to the beauty and away from… well, this.”



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