Margaret Glaspy

  1. Killing What Keeps Us Alive
  2. Without Him
  3. Young Love
  4. You’ve Got My Number
  5. Stay With Me
  6. So Wrong It’s Right
  7. Heartbreak
  8. You Amaze Me
  9. Devotion
  10. Vicious
  11. What’s The Point
  12. Consequences
Album Notes

Margaret Glaspy is thrilled to celebrate the release of her sophomore album Devotion. Praised as “starkly beautiful” (Rolling Stone) and an “exhilarating departure from her previous work” (American Songwriter), Devotion finds the New York singer/songwriter daringly exploring new sonic textures while still showcasing the incredible guitar skills and candid songwriting that first endeared her to fans and critics. “The biggest centerpiece for the record is a sense of vulnerability and earnestness,” Glaspy recently told Uproxx in an interview. “My little corner that I found was most interesting was being vulnerable, where you can just say how you feel and not create boundaries around it.”



Margaret Glaspy

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