Honey Harper

  1. Green Shadows
  2. In Light of Us
  3. The Day It Rained Forever
  4. Something Relative
  5. Tired Tower
  6. Suzuki Dreams
  7. Vaguely Satisfied
  8. Someone Else’s Dream
  9. Tomorrow Never Comes
  10. Strawberry Lite
  11. Starmaker
Album Notes

Honey Harper’s celestial cosmic country debut album Starmaker, is available everywhere. Starmaker comes as a collection of contradictions in both subject matter and style. Written with his wife and writing partner Alana Pagnutti over the past three years, the album itself is primarily about the journey to create it. Its self-awareness is largely the result of Harper’s inner monologues about his fear of failure, desire for success, and the toll that the journey has taken on him and his loved ones. It’s an attempt at honesty through the veil of a country singer lost in the stars.


Honey Harper

Honey Harper & The Infinite Sky