Good Luck, Kid


  1. Fighter
  2. Good Luck, Kid
  3. Green Eyes
  4. in My Head
  5. NYE
  6. Revolving Door
  7. Half Truths
  8. Presence
  9. Without You
  10. Side Effects
  11. Enough in Your Eyes
  12. Shivers
  13. Room for You
Album Notes

Portland-bred sister trio Joseph released their new album Good Luck, Kid. The album is a road movie in album form, an odyssey at turns emotional, existential, and entirely literal. With their intimate storytelling and restless intensity, Natalie Schepman and her sisters Allison and Meegan Closner detail that journey into songs that careen, sprawl and often soar, as it spins a narrative of life-changing transformation.

In the making of Good Luck, Kid, Joseph deliberately strayed from the dreamy folk of their 2016 debut I’m Alone, No You’re Not, giving way to a far grittier and more dynamic sound. Produced by Christian “Leggy” Langdon (Meg Myers, Charlotte OC), the result is a nuanced breed of pop and rock built on thick drums and lustrous guitars, heavy grooves, and radiant melodies. Despite that bolder sonic palette, Good Luck, Kid remains centered on the band’s crystalline vocal work, including the otherworldly harmonies that suggest a near-telepathic connection among sisters.



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