Own Side Now (Deluxe Anniversary Edition)

Caitlin Rose


1. Learning To Ride
2. Own Side
3. For The Rabbits
4. Shanghai Cigarettes (ft. Rayland Baxter)
5. New York
6. Spare Me (Fetzer’s Blues)
7. Things Change
8. That’s Alright
9. Sinful Wishing Well
10. Coming Up
11. Whatchoo (Bonus)
12. Only Lies (Bonus)

Album Notes

Nashville’s Caitlin Rose celebrates the 10-year anniversary of her debut album Own Side Now with a deluxe, fully remastered version of the record, on Cloudy Clear vinyl with Bonus 7”. Rose released Own Side Now in 2011 to instant acclaim from critics, who praised her crystal-clear vocals and her ingenious lyricism – equal parts heartbroken and defiant – and compared her to her musician heroes Stevie Nicks and Linda Rondstadt. The album also features two unreleased bonus tracks – “Only Lies” and “Whatchoo”.


Caitlin Rose

The Stand-In
Own Side Now