Radius (Deluxe Edition)

Allen Stone

  1. Perfect World
  2. Fake Future
  3. American Privilege
  4. Circle
  5. Freezer Burn
  6. Love
  7. Where You’re At
  8. The Wire
  9. Guardian Angel
  10. Freedom
  11. Barbwire
  12. I Know That I Wasn’t Right
  13. Loose
  14. Voodoo
  15. Bed I Made
  16. Pressure
  17. The Weekend
  18. Faithful
  19. Freedom (Alternate Version)
Album Notes

On his third full-length album, Allen Stone proves himself deeply devoted to making uncompromisingly soulful music that transcends all pop convention. Radius marks the follow-up to the Chewelah, Washington-bred 28-year-old’s self-released and self-titled sophomore effort, a 2011 album that climbed to the top 10 on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart and gained acclaim from renowned rock critic Ann Powers. Made in collaboration with Swedish soul singer/songwriter/phenom Magnus Tingsek, Stone’s latest batch of songs capture the warm energy of that creative connection and transport the listener to a higher and more exalted plane.

Culled from several dozen songs penned through a year and a half of constant writing and refining, Radius bears a title that reflects both its scope and intimacy. “The radius is that line extending from the center of the circle to its exterior,” says Stone, “and in a lot of ways this album is about getting out things deep inside—whether it’s love or insecurity or joy or frustration about things going on today.” Along with immersing himself in a songwriting approach that involved an unflinching examination of “some very dark and negative moments in my life,” Stone shaped the sound and feel of Radius by pushing himself to “get past the boundaries of what I felt comfortable with so that I could progress into a whole new level of creativity.” Despite that sometimes-daunting process, Radius wholly reveals Stone’s easy grace in blending everything from edgy soul-pop and earthy folk-rock to throwback R&B and Parliament-inspired funk.


Allen Stone

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Allen Stone