Jun 02 21

The Murlocs Release New Song and Video “Bittersweet Demons” from Upcoming Album

The Murlocs have released their third single, the title track of their upcoming album, Bittersweet Demons out June 25.

Pre-order the vinyl, in the “Blue-Eyed Runner” edition here.

The title track comes with a video dedicated to Keegan Walker, as described by the band’s singer, Ambrose: “Whilst we were on tour in America in 2019 one of my sweetest and dearest friends Keegan Walker passed away. His presence was unlike any other I have ever experienced. That kind of person that’s forever filling you up with joyous excitement. Someone that always took the time and effort to be in your life and support you through the thick and thin no matter what… Keegan was always there for his friends. A few days after the funeral I sat back down to play at the piano and the words started to come out and feel right.I reckon Keegan would’ve loved this song, he loved this kind of soppy stuff just cause he’s a softie just like me X”