We Are Undone

Two Gallants


1. We Are Undone
2. Incidental
3. Fools Like Us
4. Invitation To The Funeral
5. Some Trouble
6. My Man Go
7. Katy Kruelly
8. Heartbreakdown
9. Murder The Season / The Age Nocturne
10. There’s So Much I Don’t Know

Album Notes

We Are Undone marks Two Gallants’ most versatile and aggressive LP to date. While 2012’s The Bloom and the Blight, released after a five-year hiatus, closed with the edgier, electric “Dyin’ Crapshooter Blues,” that album couldn’t even foreshadow where the band would take We Are Undone. Two Gallants returns with the screaming, almost thrashing title track to open the new album. Chunky, distorted riffs rail against the rigid snare hits in “Fools Like Us,” as Stephens laments, “Try to pretend it’s not all gone / fools like us just don’t belong.” But the hard electric blues showcase some of Two Gallants’ best songwriting, as “Some Trouble” evokes the slow grind of other modern blues-rock duos like early Black Keys or White Stripes, but with the classic natural imagery of all of their predecessors.