I Wasn’t Only Thinking About You…

Oh Pep!

  1. 25
  2. Asking For
  3. Hurt Nobody
  4. Truths
  5. What’s The Deal With David?
  6. Up Against The World
  7. Parallel
  8. Bleeding Hearts
  9. Your Nail And Your Hammer
  10. There Would Be A Riot
Album Notes

Cake. The return at once captures their spirit, their curiosity, their imminent likability. Throughout, the LP thoughtfully explores the melody-rich expanse between indie pop and alt-folk, while coming of age and seeing the world. The duo burst first onto the scene with with a series of EP’s that caught the attention of legendary artists and critics alike. NPR called them “thoughtful, deep, funny, and poetic,” and appearance “Tiny Desk” netted them a dedicated and passionate audience stateside that has continued to grow. The New York Times marveled at how adept they were at “sharing a melody that’s both angular and affectionate.”

Since meeting at a performing arts school in Melbourne, Liv and Pep have wowed audiences with their virtuosity as instrumentalists but it’s their storytelling that has won over the hearts of their fans. Being thrust into a life of touring the world after Stadium Cake only gave them a wider pool to net these tales – the people they’ve met and the wonder they’ve felt seeing the world make up the vignettes on I Wasn’t Only Thinking About You…


Oh Pep!