Sweet Creep

Jonny Fritz

  1. Are You Thirsty
  2. Happy in Hindsight
  3. I Love Leaving
  4. Cries After Making Love
  5. Forever Whatever
  6. Stone Cold Daddy-O
  7. Fifteen Passenger Van
  8. Stadium Inn
  9. Humidifier
  10. Chilidog Morning
  11. Chihuahua Rescue
Album Notes

Jonny Fritz is back— with a new album, a new hip, and a new homebase in Los Angeles, California. When last we met our hero, Jonny had just wrapped up the purgative classic, Dad Country, his call to the rising generation for a renewed lyricism in country music. Now in his newest, Sweet Creep, the lyricism returns, but with a wide hopeful grin. Recorded in Jim James’ makeshift hilltop studio in Montecito Heights, where golden twilight fills up thirsty grass valleys, Sweet Creep reverberates with the same feeling of sunny new vistas. From the empathetic “Are You Thirsty?” to the summer-crushy “Humidifier”, Sweet Creep is a freshly-signed lease on life, with the movers downstairs waiting by the truck.


Jonny Fritz

Dad Country