Future Forecast



1. Radiant Eye
2. Another Day
3. As Seen On TV
4. Just A Fix
5. Tell The Papers
6. Sunday Best
7. Shake Like Death
8. Back To You
9. Hollywood Nights In Hamburg
10. Velvet Casino
11. Clone
12. Come To Know

Album Notes

From Richmond’s historic Bakehouse Studios in all its grandeur to DIY run storage shed on High St, there’s a consideration for the new and old on Civic’s album Future Forecast. Paying homage to the classics, but pivoting on them with an avant-charged edge. It’s raw, searing guitars; pummeling rhythms; driving bass; with vocals that lock into and synergize with their wall of sound. Balanced by the raucous and restrained weaving of melodies and textures, the imbued sense of nostalgia, and the vocal variation which broadens their sound past any singular genre label.



Taken By Force