Invisible People

Chicano Batman

  1. Color my life
  2. Blank Slate
  3. I know It
  4. Invisible People
  5. Manuel’s Story
  6. Moment of Joy
  7. Pink Elephant
  8. Polymetronomic Harmony
  9. The Way
  10. The Prophet
  11. Bella
  12. Wounds
Album Notes

Chicano Batman’s highly anticipated new album Invisible People is out now. The album channels the kinetic spirit of Los Angeles into a wildly shapeshifting sound, ultimately finding an unstoppable joy in following Chicano Batman’s most outrageous instincts. While Invisible People mines inspiration from krautrock acts like Can and Neu! and the Nigerian synth-funk of William Onyeabor, it also embodies elements of hip-hop and R&B—especially in its endless barrage of addictive hooks and hard-hitting beats.


Chicano Batman

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