Nov 07 22

Primus Announce ‘Primus & The Chocolate Factory with The Fungi Ensemble’ Golden Wrapper Edition

From the mind of Les Claypool comes a twisted reimagining of the 1971 classic, now on golden nugget colored vinyl housed in a deluxe gold foil jacket. In your wildest dreams you could not imagine the marvelous surprises that await you within! In stores December 16, pre-order now.

Primus’ Wonka-themed album Primus & The Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble, makes something that is truly their own while paying homage to a cinematic classic.“The idea was to combine the Frog Brigade and Primus, and do this record,’ says Claypool. I think like a good portion of the planet, we were all pretty put off by the remake of the ‘Willy Wonka’ movie – the Tim Burton version. I really wanted to pay homage to a film [1971’s ‘Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory,’ starring Gene Wilder] that was very important to me as a kid and very influential to me musically. So that’s what we did. And as opposed to just going in and recording the songs and playing them the way they are in the film, we twisted them up a bit…twisted them up a lot.”