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There are different types of college papers. Examples include, research paper, term papers, essays, dissertations etc. The college papers differ in terms of formatting. Students find it hard to write college papers because they do not have the right skills. Most students do not have good writing skills and this affects the writing process. The students also do not have sufficient time to write papers. Also, the students do not have enough reading material to write papers. Some of the students do not know the steps to follow when writing papers.

Lecturers require students to follow the right steps when writing college papers so as to make the content of the paper valid and also develop the paper well. As a result many students have scored low grades in their final examinations. The guidelines provided below are aimed at helping students write college papers. The first step in papers is selecting the topic. Students are required to select one topic from various topics provided by the teacher. The topic the student chooses should be relevant to the course being studied. For instance, students taking business courses can select various topics in business management like employee motivation. The topic selected should be wide enough so as to make it easy for the students to ex plain the topic well. Students should avoid choosing narrow topics as they influence the content of the paper.

The second step is to select the thesis. The thesis statement should be related to the topic being discussed. In addition, the thesis statement should be precise and clear. Students should avoid making the thesis statement long as it makes it hard for the reader to understand the content of the paper. The thesis should be one two sentences so as to make it easy for the readers to understand. After choosing the thesis statement, students should develop an outline. Like other papers, the college papers should have an outline. The outline should include various topics that the writer intends to discuss. It should include the various sections that will be analyzed in the actual paper. For instance, the outline should show the introduction, body and conclusion. It should also have the reference section. Then the students should prepare a draft that will be used to write the college papers. The draft should be written well as it reflects the final college papers. After preparing the rough draft, the students should begin writing the college papers.

First, the students should write the introductory part of the papers. The introduction section is a summary of the main topics that will be examined in the paper and also the main points. The points should be stated clearly. At the end of the introduction, the writer should state the thesis of the college papers. The next section is the body. The body of the college papers should be well developed. The students should identify the subtopics of the college papers and support them well. The topics should be supported using recent sources. For instance, the resources used to support the content of the college papers should not be more than five years old. This is to ensure the content of the college papers is valid. Moreover, the college papers should have a reference page and in text citations. The reference page should be developed well and each source formatted according to the style utilized.