Feb 27 19

Honey Harper Shares New Single “Strawberry Lite”

“gooey and romantic and heartbreakingly huge”

“weightless in sound and heavy in feeling”
– Pitchfork
Today, Honey Harper releases his first single since his debut EP Universal Country. “Strawberry Lite” is a song that transcends specific origins, incorporating vocals reminiscent of growing up in Georgia, but with a sound refined in the UK while living outside the typical borders of country music. Harper took time with the new music, allowing it to grow and evolve through different variations and letting it find its own life and swell with a range of emotion. The single is one half of a forthcoming EP due in April.


Speaking about how the song came together, Honey Harper shares, “‘Strawberry Lite’ was written on the couch in my living room and on the floor of Dean Street Studios, where I record most often. I lay on the ground of the studio with Mick and Gus, two of my band members, as we discussed the song and what we all thought it meant. We talked about the past and the future, stress and letting go, The Grateful Dead, old hippie slogans, and hip new t-shirt companies and I wrote out new lines and transcribed mumbled demo verses to finish the lyrics.” Finally, he deconstructed the song and pieced it back together with the help of Parisian production trio Mind Gamers (Sebastien Tellier, John Kirby, and Daniel Stricker) to create the final version of the song as it stands now.
Honey Harper, born William Fussell, grew up surrounded by country music in the heart of Georgia. He introduced himself to the country music world with his debut EP Universal Country in 2017, a genre-bending project pieced together over multiple years with deep ties to Harper’s Georgian roots. The critically-acclaimed EP showcased a multi-faceted new vision of country music and harnessed its most beautiful elements from an outsider’s perspective. Now, with new music on the horizon, Honey Harper is set to become the torchbearer for a revitalized country sound. He is currently in the studio working on his full length debut album for later this year.
Hear “Strawberry Lite” above and stay tuned for more from Honey Harper coming soon.