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“A good song has a way of speaking to everybody” Danny Barnes says. “I have faith that more people are going to hear my songs, which is really what I have to offer. I’m not one of those virtuoso instrumentalists, I can’t compete with those guys, but one thing I can do it write really good songs.”

Part southern gentleman, part humble artist, Barnes is widely regarded as one of the most innovative and genre-bending artists of his craft. Barnes’ musical interests are both varied and adventurous and although he demonstrates an appreciation for the history of the bluegrass, country and folk music from which the banjo’s reputation was born, his inventive take is what truly separates him from his contemporaries…using the banjo as his ‘weapon of choice’ to play non-traditional music like rock, fusion and jazz with electronic percussion and loop elements.

On his new album Rocket, Barnes continues to push the envelope and reinvent the wheel with the creation of the ‘Barnjo’; a prototype of a hard body electric banjo with pickups that allow him to showcase his love for rock and roll, and his passion for melding genres together in a style that is quite frankly, all of his own making.

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