It Still Moves (Deluxe Reissue)

My Morning Jacket

  1. Mahgeetah
  2. Dancefloors
  3. Golden
  4. Master Plan
  5. One Big Holiday
  6. I Will Sing You Songs
  7. Easy Morning Rebel
  8. Run Thru
  9. Rollin Back
  10. Just One Thing
  11. Steam Engine
  12. One in the Same
  13. En La Ceremony (B-Side)
  14. Grab a Body (B-Side)
  15. That's Too Bad (B-Side)
  16. Magheetah (Demo)
  17. Dancefloors (Demo)
  18. Golden (Demo)
  19. Master Plan (Demo)
  20. I Will Sing You Songs (Demo)
  21. Easy Morning Rebel (Demo)
  22. Run Thru (Demo)
  23. Rollin Back (Demo)
  24. Steam Engine (Demo)
  25. One in the Same (Demo)
Album Notes

My Morning Jacket has re-issued 2003’s It Still Moves, remixed and remastered as a special deluxe package with new artwork and exclusive photos. It includes frontman Jim James’ ten original demos plus three unheard tracks from the original sessions on 4 x LP 180 gram vinyl, 2 CD set, or digital download. With the help of the band’s longtime friend Kevin Ratterman behind the mixing desk, James revisited and tweaked all the old material. Remastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering, this new version still has that shimmering grandeur that lent it such a singular identity, but there is an increased strength and clarity to it now.

“Everybody can relate to something they’ve done in their life where you didn’t know it at the time, but you were rushed through finishing it,” James said. When ATO approached him about the idea of reissuing It Still Moves as a part of the label’s fifteenth anniversary, he took the opportunity to dig back in and remix the album.

In addition to pillars of My Morning Jacket’s catalog such as “One Big Holiday” and “Golden”, the re-issue is also accompanied by James’ original acoustic demos of It Still Moves. This is still the way James writes, getting down the core snapshot of an idea before bringing it to the band and reworking it with their titanic sound. “I feel lucky to have had so many songs that feel like there are chances to go in other directions,” James said.

It would’ve been hard to tell back when My Morning Jacket released It Still Moves, but the then-young band’s third album would serve as a conclusion to one part of their story. It Still Moves both expanded their early style outward as far is it could go, while also grounding it. Everything would shift for My Morning Jacket after It Still Moves. As the conclusion to their initial trilogy of albums, it remains one of their most pivotal releases.


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