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New Okkervil River Album “In The Rainbow Rain” Out Now


Okkervil River’s In The Rainbow Rain, the group’s most immediate – and meaningful – album to date, is out now!  On it, bandleader Will Sheff makes a startling left turn from the their critically-lauded and inward-looking 2016 album Away, crafting an exuberant declaration of hope. In place of Away’s somber strings and acoustic textures, In the Rainbow Rain is full of dazzling color, spattered with starbursts of electric guitar, big blooms of synth, and a chorus of backing vocals. It’s a buoyant and playful record, but also open and emotionally vulnerable. Sheff says, “I wanted to make a record where a sense of kindness felt encoded into the music.”


Read Sheff’s full statement on “Don’t Move Back to LA” here



In The Rainbow Rain – produced by Sheff and mixed by Shawn Everett (Perfume Genius, Alabama Shakes, The War on Drugs) – serves as showcase for Sheff’s writing and the musical interplay of his new band mates, Benjamin Lazar Davis (bass), Will Graefe (guitar), Sarah Pedinotti (keys) and Cully Symington (percussion) – the same iteration of Okkervil River that joined Sheff on the Away tour. Recalls Sheff of that tour: “It was my favorite touring experience in many years… I felt like a kid again. I realized how phenomenally lucky I am that I’ve been able to play music for this long.”


Sheff and the band started work on the new album shortly after the end of that tour – and the presidential election. “If December 2016 was good for anything, it was good for writing songs,” he says. Galvanized by the seismic events of that Fall and the following year, Sheff, sometimes co-writing with his new band, channeled his outrage and sadness into music intended to be hopeful, healing and uplifting. Inspired by the Quaker meetings he had been attending, Sheff injected the album with undercurrents of spirituality and gratitude. The result is something akin to a modern secular gospel record, and among the best music of his career.


Highlights include driving, melodic anthems “Love Somebody” and “Pulled Up The Ribbon,” and “Famous Tracheotomies,” which chronicles notable figures who’ve endured the titular procedure, including Gary Coleman, Dylan Thomas, Ray Davies, and Sheff himself.  “In places, the record deals with heavy things like trauma and betrayal and shame, but, actually, it’s supposed to be a good time,” says Sheff. “I hope it’s something fun, that makes people feel happier.”



Apr 27 – Brooklyn, NY @ Rough Trade NYC (Album Release Show)

May 20 – Washington, DC @ The Black Cat

May 21 – Carboro, NC @ Cat’s Cradle

17.04.2018 news

Jim James Announces New Solo Album “Uniform Distortion” Out 6/29



Flipping through the pages of The Last Whole Earth Catalogue, a resource that was in 1971 basically the internet before the internet, Jim James stumbled upon a distorted photo of “The Illuminated Man’ by Duane Michals. Immediately moved by the photo, he asked for permission to to use the image as the album cover of Uniform Distortion. The first request to Michals was rejected. In hopes of changing his mind, James wrote a letter to Michals personally and was ultimately allowed to use the image. The letter, which sheds some light on the album and James current state of mind, reads in full below:

“hello duane- your piece “the illuminated man” was used in “the last whole earth catalogue” in 1971. i wasnt even born yet. i was born in 1978…but i found my copy of “the last whole earth catalogue” about 6 months ago in a thrift store and it blew my mind. i have been feeling increasingly overwhelmed by the speed of technology and its place in our lives and here was this beautiful book/catalogue from the past showing me me all these beautiful things and amazing images to help one learn different ways to look at the world… or “get off the grid?” funny they had no idea back then just how crazy “the grid” would get. or did they?

so i am trying to put down my phone… use the computer and social media less… and just focus on real life and the people i love and my art. of course i am not fully “off the grid” because i am sending you this email in hopes of you changing your mind about letting me use your image as it appeared in “the last whole earth catalogue” in 1971 because when i saw it on the page there it spoke to me so deeply of how my head feels like it is exploding with the amount of information we are forced to consume on a daily basis and how that information is so DISTORTED there is almost no longer any tangible truth. the name of my new record is “UNIFORM DISTORTION” because i feel like there is this blanket distortion on society/media and the way we gather our “news” and important information…and more and more of us are feeling lost and looking for new ways out of this distortion and back to the truth…and finding hope in places like the desert where i write this email to you now…finding hope in the land and in the water and in old books offering new ideas and most importantly in each other and love.

i feel like there was a reason i found “the last whole earth catalogue” and there was a reason your art spoke to me… and i really think it would speak to others who would see it exploding out at them illuminating from the record store shelf or the glow of their phone or computer screen and feel its organic mind blowing distortion connect with this new music.

i also like the natural “distortion” that time and the pulp of the paper meeting the ink from “the last whole earth catalogue” add to your original image and that is why i am asking your permission to use this “distorted” version of your original beautiful image.

i hope you are well and thanks for listening-
jim james”


pre-order bundle mockup

Duane Michals, The Illuminated Man, 1968
© Duane Michals. Courtesy of DC Moore Gallery, New York

27.03.2018 news

Natalie Prass Shares New Single “Sisters”


“the sound of a musician hitting her stride.” – Rolling Stone

Fresh off her late night debut on CONAN last week, Natalie Prass has released the second single from her upcoming album ‘The Future and The Past,’ out June 1 on ATO Records. “Sisters” premieres today via TK with an eye-popping animated art track celebrating sisterhood in all its forms.

“Sisters” is a powerful call for solidarity and strength in femininity, during uncertain times. The funky, gospel-infused track features an all-female choir chanting the refrain Keep your sisters close/You gotta keep your sisters close to ya before joining Natalie for the invigorating chorus:


I wanna say it loud/For all the ones held down

We gotta change the plan/Come on nasty women

So all the bad girls here/Let’s make that clear

And we’ll say it fast/We’re world wide, world class


“Sisters” follows “Short Court Style,” the first single from ‘The Future and The Past.’  That track has had a tremendous run with Natalie performing it for both CONAN and NPR Music; recording an episode of the popular podcast Song Exploder exploring the track, and earning praise from Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Vulture, The Fader, Stereogum and more.


Watch Natalie perform “Short Court Style” on CONAN and NPR Music


Watch the video for “Short Court Style” here


‘The Future and The Past’ is a stunning snapshot of a musician in a state of personal rediscovery and surging femininity. The celebratory and defiant album finds Natalie tapping into deep, dancey grooves that glisten with ‘80s pop and ‘90s R&B, nestled alongside quivering, lushly orchestrated ballads.


Natalie just completed a run of shows with Fleet Foxes and several performances at SXSW where Rolling Stone deemed her one of the best acts of the week and said her show was “the sound of a musician hitting her stride.”



20.03.2018 news

Okkervil River – New Videos




Okkervil River have released a new song and video “Pulled Up The Ribbon,” the second new track from their forthcoming album ‘In The Rainbow Rain,’ out 4/27 on ATO Records. The epic and esoteric video, directed by Christopher Good, follows the band as they embark on a mystical journey that seems to transcend time.


“When I first started working on ‘Pulled Up the Ribbon” I felt really excited about the melody and the chords in a way that made me nervous, because I felt pressure to write lyrics for it and nothing seemed quite right,” says bandleader Will Sheff. “I started with something quite dark and violent, and it felt like a good direction but I kept hitting creative dead ends. And then I realized there was something in the melody and phrasing that seemed like it was about destruction and doom but also something else that felt like it was about creation and birth. So I decided to try to write a kind of praise song for the force behind all of those things. The song started as a waltz ballad, briefly turned into a Motown-style number, and then we streamlined it and Will Graefe added that hook. I had heard some of the great vocal performances on our keyboardist Sarah’s album with her project Lip Talk and knew I wanted her to sing on the song, and she elevated it further. And then, when I took the song to Shawn Everett to mix, he stripped out a lot of the padding from the track and made everything more aggressive and skeletal, with the drums and bass way up in the mix, the beauty amped up but also the spooky stuff. This was the only one of Shawn’s mixes where there were no notes, no tweaking. He played me the track and I said ‘whoa’ and approved it and we moved on.”


“It’s such a sweeping, rousing, almost elemental-sounding track,” says Good. “I immediately thought of the rock beach in Rockport, Massachusetts’ Halibut Point State Park as an appropriately evocative backdrop and then from there just let my mind wander!”


‘In The Rainbow Rain’ – produced by Sheff and mixed by Shawn Everett (Perfume Genius, Alabama Shakes, The War on Drugs) – is the group’s most immediate and meaningful album to date. The record has earned early praise from NPR’s All Songs Considered, who called the music “celebratory and uplifting.” Read Sheff’s statement on ‘In The Rainbow Rain’ here: http://bit.ly/2DakL3J


Okkervil River will tour in support of ‘In The Rainbow Rain,’ including a very special sold-out album release show at Rough Trade NYC on release day.






Apr 27 – Brooklyn, NY @ Rough Trade NYC (Album Release Show) – SOLD OUT May 20 – Washington, DC @ The Black Cat

May 21 – Carboro, NC @ Cat’s Cradle May 22 – Atlanta, GA @ Aisle 5

May 24 – Dallas, TX @ The Kessler Theater May 25 – Houston, TX @ The Heights Theater

May 26 – Austin, TX @ Mohawk (Hot Luck Festival) May 29 – Phoenix, AZ @ The Crescent Ballroom May 31 – Los Angeles, CA @ Teregram Ballroom June 1 – Santa Ana, CA @ Constellation Room June 2 – San Francisco, CA @ Bimbo’s 365 Club June 4 – Seattle, WA @ Neumos

June 5 – Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom June 7 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The State Room June 8 – Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater

June 9 – Omaha, NE @ The Waiting Room June 11 – St. Paul, MN @ Turf Club

June 12 – Chicago, IL @ Thalia Hall June 13 – Detroit, MI @ El Club

June 14 – Toronto, ON @ Horseshoe Tavern June 15 – Woodstock, NY @ Colony

June 16 – Boston, MA @ Royale







16.03.2018 news

Watch Slow Dancer’s New Video “Bitter”

“Ever wake up and go to work and you are just loving it, and everything goes right and you wonder how you got there? How your work became everything you dreamed it would be as a kid? Yeah me neither….Until I was having that exact moment on this set.  Under the guidance of brothers Harry and Joseph Hunter, acclaimed choreographer Matthew Gode and dancer Lola Thompson brought this song to life. I still have to pinch myself.

Acclaimed choreographer Matthew Gode and dancer Lola Thompson gave my song Bitter a whole new life. I am eternally grateful. ”

– Slow Dancer on the making of his new video, “Bitter”


05.03.2018 news

Jessica Lea Mayfield Releases New Video “Offa My Hands”

Jessica Lea Mayfield is in the midst of a three-month tour in support of her confessional fourth album, Sorry Is Gone, and today releases the video for “Offa My Hands“.

Sorry Is Gone released in fall 2017 via ATO and is a raw document of a woman in progress; one weathering cruel storms but finally able to blame the rain itself for the flood. Written as the truth of her own poisonous marriage unfolded before her eyes, Sorry Is Gone is a record of permission. Permission to create freely, to escape what is no longer safe and to stop bearing responsibility for things done to her, not by her. This is none more evident than in the video for “Offa My Hands”, filmed at The Salton Sea, dead fish and all.

“What a dream to make this strange video in such an interesting place,” says JLM.

View / Share “Offa My Hands” Video:

Jessica Lea Mayfield might make some people uncomfortable with the level of honesty she projects on her forthcoming LP, Sorry Is Gone, but she’s not going to apologize –for that, or for anything else on her complex, confessional fourth album. Recorded with producer John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Kurt Vile, Dinosaur Jr.), Sorry Is Gone has gained accolades from The New York Times, NPR Music, Billboard, a cover story in Native, and more. 


Jessica Lea Mayfield Tour Dates:

Mar 06 – Boston, MA – Great Scott *
Mar 08 – Philadelphia, PA – Boot & Saddle *
Mar 09 – New York, NY – Mercury Lounge *
Mar 10 – Washington, DC – Songbyrd #
Mar 11 – Charlottesville, VA – Southern Cafe #
Mar 13 – Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle Back Room #
Mar 14 – Knoxville, TN – Open Chord #
Mar 15 – Charlotte, NC – Neighborhood Theater #
Mar 16 – Atlanta, GA – The Earl # 
Apr 06 – Manchester – Gullivers

Apr 08 – Glasgow – Hug & Pint

Apr 09 – Dublin – Whelans

Apr 10 – Nottingham – Bodega

Apr 11 – London – Borderline

Apr 13 – Amsterdam – Upstairs @ Paradiso

Apr 14 – Cologne – Studio 672

Apr 16 – Copenhagen – Ideal Bar 

Apr 17 – Gothenberg – Pustervik

Apr 18 – Stockholm – Bar Brooklyn 

Apr 20 – Oslo – Café Mono
* w/ Mal Blum
# w/ T. Hardy Morris

02.03.2018 news

Margaret Glaspy Releases ‘Born Yesterday’ EP


Bob Boilen debuted “Before We Were Together” today at NPR Music and discussed the EP w/ Margaret. You can hear the conversation HERE and enjoy Born Yesterday here: http://smarturl.it/bornyesterday.

“…the way she repackages classic rock ‘n’ roll grit and crunch feels vital and fresh, and only seemingly scratches the surface of this young musician’s immense talents…”
– Stereogum

Margaret Glaspy returns with the surprise release of new EP, Born Yesterday

“I wrote these songs on the road, in my hotel, on the plane, and at soundcheck,” says Glaspy. “They were the product of the little time that I had to myself – three songs about different sides of love: love gone wrong, love gone right, and love at a distance.”Born Yesterday is a bookend to Margaret’s lauded debut, Emotions and Math. “In releasing it, I feel set free to sink deep into my new inspirations while taking a break from the road and make something entirely new,” Glaspy continues. “These songs are the end of this chapter and mark a new beginning!”Emotions and Math was featured on many Year-End lists when it was released in 2016, including The New York TimesNPR MusicBillboardMother Jones, and more.Glaspy will be on tour this spring with Julian Lage, followed by solo shows in the fall. Pre-order for the vinyl version of the EP is live and a full list of tour dates can be found below.

Margaret Glaspy Tour Dates:

Mar 30 – Savannah, GA – Savannah Music Festival 
Mar 31 – Decatur, GA – Eddie’s Attic
Apr 01 – Nashville, TN – Basement East
Apr 02 – Bloomington, IN – The Bishop
Apr 03 – Evanston, IL – SPACE 
Apr 04 – Milwaukee, WI – Back Room at Collectivo Coffee 
Apr 05 – Minneapolis, MN – First Avenue
Apr 06 – Iowa City, IA – Mission Creek Music Festival
May 11 – Pittsburgh, PA – Warhol Museum ^
May 12 – New York, NY – Le Poisson Rouge *
May 13 – Philadelphia, PA – Johnny Brenda’s *
May 15 – Toronto, ON – The Drake *
May 16 – Montreal, QC – L’Esco *
May 18 – Fall River, MA – Narrows Center for the Arts *
May 19 – Northampton, MA – Parlor Room *
Jun 26 – Pasadena, CA – Arroyo Secco
Sep 14 – Portland, OR – Mission Theater ^
Sep 16 – Seattle, WA – Triple Door ^
Sep 19 – San Francisco, CA – Swedish American Hall ^
Sep 20 – Los Angeles, CA – Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever Cemetery ^
Sep 21 – Phoenix, AZ – Music Instrument Museum ^

* = performing with Julian Lage
^ = Margaret Glaspy solo


01.03.2018 news

New Lisa Hannigan EP with The Colorist Orchestra

New Lisa Hannigan EP with The Colorist Orchestra is out today!

Available today at all digital retailers is a new 5 song EP from Lisa Hannigan, recorded live with the Belgian-based Colorist Orchestra. Hannigan performed a run of shows with the octet last year, and this recording documents their final performance together. It is comprised of tracks from her critically acclaimed 2016 album At Swim, as well as one song from 2011’s Passenger.

Listen at: Spotify | Apple Music 
The Colorist Orchestra take influences from the likes of Talking Heads, Kronos Quartet, Steve Reich among others, and rework songs of an invited artists using an array of classical instrumentation. The re-interpretations on this new EP have an atmospheric, almost cinematic feel, complimenting the original compositions, whilst redefining their music parameters.

Buy Lisa Hannigan’s  2016 LP At Swim in the ATO store: (https://atorecords.shop.musictoday.com/product/ATLP174/lisa-hanngian-at-swim-lp?cp=null)

28.02.2018 news

Nilüfer Yanya Releases ‘Do You Like Pain?’ EP + Jazzi Bobbi Remix of “Thanks 4 Nothing”

Nilüfer Yanya’s “Effortless And Urgent” Single Gets Dark, Percussive Remix

Listen to “Thanks 4 Nothing” (Jazzi Bobbi Remix) off New EP ‘Do You Like Pain?’ out now

Pre-order ‘Do You Like Pain?’ on red 12″ 45rpm vinyl. 


“The 22-year-old London singer makes jazz-pop that feels both effortless and urgent…Yanya’s hooks are always rife with dizzying romantic insight.” – Pitchfork


“Smoky, subtly emotive, and underpinned by a gorgeous falsetto that cracks on command, Nilüfer Yanya’s voice is a stunning instrument.” – NPR Music (one of the 2018 Slingshot Artists)


Nilüfer Yanya, London’s 22 year-old “effortlessly smooth new soul star” (The FADER) today revealed the remix for her latest single “Thanks 4 Nothing”, courtesy of bandmate and saxophonist Jazzi Bobbi. The remix completes her EP ‘Do You Like Pain?’which also sees full release today via ATO Records and is the first physical pressing of Nilüfer’s music in the US, now available for preorder. It will be available on 12” red vinyl also featuring “Baby Luv” (number 18 in Pitchfork’s 100 Best Songs of 2017) – and its psychedelic remix by ALASKALASKA – and of course current single “Thanks 4 Nothing” (“An absolutely great pop song.” – Vice Noisey). The EP is also available to buy digitally and stream today.


Speaking about the remix for Nilüfer, Jazzi said, “I wanted to bring out the darkness of Nilüfer’s song … I wanted to keep a lot of the original production but give it a twist e.g heavily effecting the original drum recordings and taking bits from the vocals to create percussive sounds as part of the beat. This was an exciting project for me, being able to put my own spin on a track written by a close friend of mine that I’ve also had the pleasure of playing live so many times.”


“Thanks 4 Nothing”, Nilüfer’s first single of 2018, details the darker thoughts surrounding a break up, a poignant look at a crumbling relationship that can’t be fixed, and is accompanied by a 70s-style, “Handmaid’s Tale meets Pulp Fiction” video directed by ENERGYFORCE. Described as “jazz-pop that feels both effortless and urgent” (Pitchfork), “Thanks 4 Nothing” establishes Nilüfer’s inevitable ascent in 2018, and proves NPR Music’s claim that she has “the sort of maturity you’d expect from a much older songwriter, but this is very clearly just the beginning for Nilüfer Yanya.”


Watch the video for Nilüfer Yanya’s latest single, “Thanks 4 Nothing”:



Stateside, Nilüfer will celebrate the release of her EP with a trip to SXSW and a slot at FORM Arcosanti in Arizona. She will also embark on her first headline U.K. and European tour dates of 2018, starting with a run of six dates across Europe in April and then an eight-date U.K. tour in May, finishing with a night at London’s Village Underground on 29 May, her biggest headline show thus far. Tickets are on sale now via www.niluferyanya.com.


2018 is looking bright for Nilüfer Yanya after landing a spot on the BBC’s annual Sound Of poll longlist, continuing a stellar 2017 in which she enjoyed extensive support from both mainstream and independent music, culture and fashion publications such as Pitchfork, NPR Music, The FADER and The New York Times, plus a host of tastemaker DJs at the BBC in London as well as KCRW and KEXP in the US. A further slew of best-of lists, including DIY’s ‘Class Of’ and The FADER’s ‘British Artists To Watch’, as well as GQ’s and Dork’s, firmly established Nilüfer as one of the most promising British songwriters and guitarists of her generation, and an in-demand new talent for this year.


Tickets for Nilüfer Yanya’s UK and European tour are on sale now. Tickets are available for purchase atwww.niluferyanya.com.


See Nilüfer Yanya at the following live dates:

March 9-18 – Austin, TX @ SXSW

April 9 – Paris, FR @ Le Pop Up Du Label

April 10 – Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso

April 11 – Antwerp, BE @ TRIX

April 12 – Hamburg, DE @ Mojo Club

April 13 – Berlin, DE @ Auster Club

April 25 – Istanbul, TR @ Babylon

May 11 – Arcosanti, AZ @ FORM Arcosanti

May 18 – Brighton, GB @ The Great Escape

May 19 – Cardiff, GB @ Buffalo Bar

May 20 – Manchester, GB @ Deaf Institute

May 21 – Birmingham, GB @ The Sunflower Lounge

May 22 – Barrow-In-Furness, GB @ Barrow Library

May 23 – Glasgow, GB @ Broadcast

May 24 – Leeds, GB @ Brudenelll Social Club

May 29 – London, GB @ Village Underground

July 14 – Bilbao, ES @ Bilbao BBK

August 2 – Wareham, GB @ Bestival

August 17 – Hamburg, DE @ MS Dockville Festival

August 30 – North Dorset, GB @ End Of The Road Festival


Nilüfer Yanya – ‘Do You Like Pain?’ – out now via ATO Records

  1. “Baby Luv”
  2. “Thanks 4 Nothing”
  3. “Baby Luv” – ALASKALASKA Remix
  4. “Thanks 4 Nothing” – Jazzi Bobbi Remix
26.02.2018 news

SXSW Wrap Up

Our SXSW this year was a blast! We were stoked to present an official showcase featuring several ATO artists and friends. Check out our photo-recap below by photographer Hayden Sitomer.


Natalie Prass

Rayland Baxter

Eric Slick

Eric Slick

Natalie Prass

Rayland Baxter

Nilüfer Yanya

Jazzi Bobbi

Eric Slick

Nilüfer Yanya

Nilüfer Yanya

Nilüfer Yanya

Okkervil River

Natalie Prass

Okkervil River

Natalie Prass

Okkervil River

Okkervil River

Okkervil River

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