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Primus is back and stranger than ever with their delicious new studio album, Primus & The Chocolate Factory with The Fungi Ensemble, a tribute to the weird and wonderful world of Willy Wonka that hits shelves on October 21 and is available for pre-order HERE now.

Primus’ classic lineup – Les Claypool, guitarist Larry Lalonde, and drummer Tim “Herb” Alexander – is reuniting for their first full-length release since 1995, a darker, tripped-out take on the classic 1971 musical Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

“I really wanted to pay homage to a film [1971's 'Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory,' starring Gene Wilder] that was very important to me as a kid and very influential to me musically,” says Claypool. “So that’s what we did. And as opposed to just going in and recording the songs and playing them the way they are in the film, we twisted them up a bit…twisted them up a lot.”

Listen to Primus’ rework of “Pure Imagination” below:

The LP will be released on chocolate-colored vinyl, but if you’re as lucky as Charlie Bucket or Veruca Salt, you just might score one of the five golden records that will be scattered around the world on release day.

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